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Heermann Group

PD Dr. Stephan Heermann

Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology

University of Freiburg

Albertstr. 17

79104 Freiburg

Tel: +49-761-5082



PD Dr. Heermann


Group members:

  • Stephan Heermann PD Dr. (PI)
  • Priska Eckert M.Sc. (PhD student)
  • Max Knickmeyer M.Sc. (PhD student)
  • Zahra Ghaderi Ardekani M.Sc. (PhD student)
  • Constance Frey (Doktorandin Zahnmedizin)
  • Desiree Freystein (Doktorandin Zahnmedizin)



Research Interests:

Molecular mechanisms regulating optic fissure closure

The optic fissure is a physiological gap in the ventral domain of the developing vertebrate eye. This gap is an important transport route for a specific period of time, during embryonic development. Importantly it must be closed as development proceeds. A failure of optic fissure closure with a remaining gap is referred to as coloboma. Although a gene coloboma network, consisting of many genes, was proposed, this network is still lacking effectors, mediating the fissure closure.

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Publication records

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